Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Perfect Valentines day Drink

I love Valentines!!! Who cares if everyone thinks of it as a "Hallmark" holiday created only to encourage us to spend money? I like to think of it as a day for us all to remember all the warm fuzzies that, that special person makes us feel and express it to them. Well this year I will be toasting my love for my husband with one of my all time favorite drinks called Naughty at Neimans. It is the perfect shade of pink and is made as follows. Guys consider surprising your special girl with a soft pretty pink sweet cocktail and I guarantee she will love you even more!!! The recipe is as follows: 1 part of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur ( delicious flavors of blood orange, mango, passion fruit) 1 part Vodka ( any kind) 1 Part pink lemonade ( I like Newman's organic) shake with ice and strain into martini glass. garnish with a lime wedge. If you want to make it extra sweet and pretty I like to buy pink sugar and dip the lime wedge end in it before garnishing the martini. Enjoy and Have a sweet Valentines day.

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